About us

We are on a mission to change lives!

We help people fix aches, pains and injuries by teaching them to master their body mechanics.

Our straight forward process is effective as it works on the root cause of the problem instead of focusing on short term symtom relief.  That way you will not only fix your current challenges you will actively prevent new problems from springing up. So you can take far more control of how your body feels everyday.

Don’t believe what you are told – pain is not normal or inevitable as you get older or when you train hard.

Are you ready to learn how to take the right action to be free from pain?

Master your body mechanics & live the full, active life you desire

Don't be held back

Unlock your peak potential

What makes us different

We are obsessed with providing the perfect blend of movement skills, awareness, knowledge and mindset to take into life not just the gym. So that our clients have amazing light bulb moments and gain the tools and confidence they need to reach for new goals and live a bigger, fuller life.

Fix root cause

Instead of just symptoms relief,
fix root cause for long term success

Assess don't guess

Thorough assessments to build bespoke plans for each clients unique situation

Unique process

There is no silver bullet exercise, its our process that works

We want to help change over 2000 lives over the next 5 years

We want to break down common health and fitness myths and play our part in changing the wider health culture. So we have set oursleves a big goal.

That’s a big ask for a small team of 2…. we can’t do it alone. We need your help!

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Julie Tod of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Meet Julie

I help people fix and prevent aches, pains or injuries, resolve common health challenges  and tap into their full potential.

Phil Young of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Meet Phil

I help people fix their painful feet so they can move freely. I will show you the huge difference fit, functional feet can make to performance in life and sport.

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