Niggles are not normal. 121 coaching to build your resilient, injury proof body.

Achieve peak potential without breaking your body.

Are you training with regular niggling injuries?

If you are over 40 and love to challenge yourself outdoors then there is a good chance you are feeling some creaks and niggles. They don’t stop you, you push through.  It’s easy to assume that some level of pain is normal.  

Niggles are not normal. They are a sign your body is under excess pressure and wear & tear.

Ignoring niggles, managing symptoms and pushing through is like having one foot on the break when it comes to performance.


Is this where you are?

Are you expecting the best from your body whilst leaving it to creak at the seams?

Welcome to athlete specific corrective exercise solutions that unlock your peak potential.

Learn how to take the right action to fix many aches and pains or niggling injuries that you think are inevitable.  Feel new levels of comfort and freedom of movement on a day to day basis.

Unlock new levels of power and efficiency and achieve more with less impact, less recovery. 

What if you could feel better now than you did 10 years ago?

“I am so much more positive about running in the future, previously anything over 20 miles was sheer will power alone. But now I am feeling confident, training for 100 mile ultra. I didn’t think anything over 30 miles was possible”

Steve, Trail runner, Bacup

"I was ready to give up running and burn my trainers due to ongoing pain and injury.  But now my plantar fasciitis is completely gone. No more foot or back pain and I am closing in on my half marathon goal.

I use everything you taught me and it pays off"

Steve, Tottington

How it works

Book your MOT

Uncover all the imbalances & movement compensations driving your niggles with your full body MOT

Unique coaching plan

121 coaching to progress thrugh your bespoke plan with our proven process

Potential, not pain

Feel the difference.
Feel better now than 10 years ago.

Niggles are not normal.

Have you assumed that It’s assumed that some level of pain or discomfort is normal, as you age, or with regular sport.

In fact, they are a sign that your body is under pressure from misaligned joints, muscular imbalance, compensated movement.

You can stick your head in the sand for so long.

It’s easier than you think to learn to take the right action to fix them. Reduce and prevent them.

Learn to take action at warning light stage that prevents them escalating.

what if your body could feel better than it did 10 years ago?

What is the cost of ongoing niggles?

If you are 40 or older – now is the time to invest in your future. 

Instead of spending money and time on short term treatments, invest in learning to fix yourself. You can benefit for years to come.

“I’ve seen such an improvement that I am thrilled that I have returned to running.  I even completed a sprint triathlon for the first time in 6 years.”

Alastair, Triathlete, Ramsbottom

Feel better now than you did 10 years ago.

You cannot perform at your peak if you body is creaking at the seams.

When you learn to fix the imbalances and movement compensations underlying these niggles you can tap into your true potential.

Will this work for me?

This is not quick fix.

If you want short term performance at any price then this is not for you.

But if you want longevity with performance then you are in the right place.

Learn to work with your body – not push agaist it.


Steve was ready to give up running. Now he's enjoying regular runs & training for a half marathon....

Hi I'm Julie, I love helping my clients achieve amazing things

I understand how frustrating it is to work hard on your fitness but then keep hitting frustrating roadblocks.

Finishing my first half marathon I had tender knees, sore hips and didn’t think I could do another mile! Shortly after I was injured again. 

This latest injury ended up being the best thing to happen to me.

I thought I knew about fitness but I was missing so much more of the big picture.  I spent 15 years learning about movement, body mechanics and injury rehab.

I am 49 now. I feel better now than I did at 35! Changing HOW I moved everyday enabled me to achieve things that seemed impossible before!


I already strength train, why do I need this?

General training will not uncover WHY you keep getting niggles. Or find the imbalances holding you back.

You can be strong and fast but when you build your fitness on unstable foundations you will keep breaking down.

You don’t need more strength, you need to fill in the gaps in your function.

With our proven process you will feel your body change in ways you have not experienced.


You will feel so much more capable.

Do what you have always done, get what you have always got.

David - only 6 sessions in and back to triathlon

"As I was approaching my 60s I have really enjoyed getting into doing triathlons... but then I started with pain in my hip.  I though oh no, this is the start of arthritis and possibly I’ll have to give up running.  I saw a physio, osteopath, had an X-ray and even booked in to see an orthopaedic surgeon.  The view was that it was an overuse strain, but it would not go away. 

I am pleased to say that, although not 100% gone, after only 6 sessions I am back in the running and competed at Ashborne Triathlon.

Thoroughly recommend Your Peak Potential"

David, Triathlete, Didsbury

It starts with your full body MOT

If you don’t know why you have niggles or performance challenges you can’t know how to take the right action.

No more guessing. Get a detailed picture of the function of yur body and how you move,  If you’re a runner, add a full body video, outdoor running gait assessment too.

You will get data no watch can provide a bespoke plan to smash your goals.

Want to discuss your situation?

It’s a great way to learn more and see if it could work for you. Click the button to drop us a line to arrange a call.

Julie Tod of Your Peak Potential performing a consultation on a client

Book your MOT

Book for £90 – limited time offer (full price £150)

“I was amazed at how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands – Julie really know what she is doing”

Rick, Ramsbottom- Developer

If you don't fix your imbalances & build normal posture and movement patterns, niggles are inevitable, injury very likely.

After your MOT - what's next?

Come into the studio for a Mission tea or join from home via video. Find out your results and find out how we can help.  Learn more about how the coaching works and what package is best for you.


There’s no pressure. We only work with people we know we can get a result for. So that means only the commited and keen.

Julie Tod & Phil Young of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Athlete specific - No more niggles plan.

Athlete specific

Bespoke - tailored exacty for you based on your MOT results. No generic plans.

Proven process

No magic bullet exercise. The magic is in our proven process. Complete the process to reap the rewards.

movement superpowers

Exceed your expectations

What's included?

Start your journey with a 3 month taster plan. Or get best results with our VIP 12 month plan

No more niggles plan from as little as £1 per day

Flexible packages from £30 to £60 per week

What our clients say

""I am now feeling much less stiff, have a great range of motion - and importantly - I don't hurt anymore!! The positive impact of this program goes beyond the 12 weeks and the physical.  I am definitely approaching my daily routine with a new vigour, and sense of wellness and calm. The impact on my whole well-being is incredible."

Olly, Ramsbottom- Developer

"If you are looking at improving your running technique and remaining injury free, this is a great investment.

I no longer hell strike, my form is more consistent and I have learned to consciously relax my body whilst running. 
It’s not a magic formula but if you are willing to take on board new ideas and put in the work, I believe you too could have outstanding results.”

Les, Glossop

“Everything hurt, feet, ankles, back, knee… I was ready to burn my running shoes and give up. But luckily I found this program with Phil and Julie. I am now running 15 miles a week – pain free, injury free and I am working towards a half marathon. That did not seem possible before”  

Steve, Tottington- Developer

"I would recommend this service to EVERYONE.. But definitely those who have been struggling with finding their mojo for sport/running.. It's a real - re-calibration and you learn so much about yourself."

Olly, Ramsbottom- Developer

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