121 corrective exercise for feet & ankles

Fix & prevent foot and leg pain

Understand why you have pain

Fix the root cause

Get strong, resilient feet

Worried you are stuck with painful feet, ankles or legs for good?

Are you tired of suffering from persistent foot pain?

Or regular discomfort or injuries to ankles, knees and hips that hinder your daily activities and wellbeing? 

Perhaps you have been using insoles or tried various remedies and treatments but nothing seems to help. Think you have to accept life with limitations. Where even getting out of bed is a struggle, how far you can walk is limited. Running is out of the window.

This can’t be as good as it will get?

If all you do is relieve symptoms you will never fix the root cause or be free of the problem.

What is holding you back?

Modern footwear is wrecking our feet!

We will show you how to reverse the negative effect of footwear & develop pain free, strong, resilient feet

Phil Young of Your Peak Potential performing an assessment on a client

What will life be like when you get out of pain?

"I had plantar on and off for a number of years. Various treatments weren't helping and I was told to stop running. I started having coaching off Phil.  After 6 weeks I was out of pain but Phil showed me what I needed to do to keep it that way.  The daily exercises were easy to do and didn't take much time. I can really feel the difference in my feet but also in my running."

Paul, Bury

"I thought flat feet were just how I was made and I couldn't do anything about it. Just suffer. How wrong I was! I have arches now. The whole program was fascinating and life changing."

John, Northwich

You can get your life back


Identify root cause

Finally understand WHY you have pain. Instead of only having a condition name. So you can fix it.


Learn how to relieve your own symptoms

Feel better everyday and reduce the costs of ongoing treatment.


Fix the root cause to make real progress

Prevent injuries before they strike and build resilience from the ground up.

How do I know this will work for me?

If you are ready to find out what is causing your problems instead of focusing on symptom relief and treatments then this is for you.

This approach will work for you when you are willing to take action and responsibility for your own recovery. 

Phil Young of Your Peak Potential sitting on a green sofa smiling at camera

The only UK Blackboard Pro Coach

Phil is our in house foot function expert.  He is qualified with world leading organisations and trainers, My Foot Function and Blackboard.

Based on established science & anatomy, foot function training is at the cutting edge of body mechanics improvement. But it is a growing movement.

Phil is the only person in the UK to achieve the complex Level 3 Blackboard Pro Coach certificate, specifically for athletes.

"After being ready to burn my running shoes and give up... my plantar fasciitis is completely gone. I have no foot pain and no back pain and am closing in on my half marathon goal.

I use everything you taught me and it pays off"

Steve, Tottington

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Hi I'm Phil, I am obsessed with fixing your feet

Phil Young of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Climbing shoes crushed my feet! As a keen and competitive boulderer I wore climbing shoes 2 sizes too small to help me climb.

Crushed  and rigid feet were not so great when it came to hiking and running. Plantar fasciitis was the result!

Learning about the mechanics of running resulted in a lightbulb moment when I realised the power of feet.

I have spent the last 7 years immersing myself in the mechanics of the foot with some of the worlds leading experts.  I have re-built my feet and suffer no more pain.

I am passionate about showing you how to unlock the power of your feet. To keep you out of pain, yes but also to show you how to unlock hidden performance.

Why are orthotics not fixing me?

Orthotics treat the symptoms of your problem. The foot has collapsed so the support holds it in position. This will help you feel more comfortable, in the short term.

Using orthotics for the long term will result in weaker, less flexible feet. And more pain.

It’s only part of a solution. You need to address the reason the foot collpased in the first place.

Don’t throw away orthotics. Instead learn to get fit feet that can support your body and it’s natural movement for years to come.

Fix the root cause of your pain, not the symptoms

Quick fix or a real, long-term resolution

Temporary, symptom relief is quick fix. 

Insoles, orthotics, ultra sound,

Are all part of a solution. Not a full soution.

Long-term fix empowers YOU with the knowledge you need to fix and maintain yourself.

How long will it take?

Think about learning a new skill like playing an instrument.  You may be able to bang out a tune after a few weeks. But how does it sound after a year?

We want you to have mastery of your body instrument.  So it can support your dreams for the long-term.

There will be wins after a few weeks. 

But huge change comes with consistency.

Your recovery will depend on

Will barefoot shoes fix me?

Photo courtesy of My Foot Function

We love barefoot shoes. They are our first choice for footwear, for many reasons:

But fixing bodies is never about just 1 thing. Wearing barefoot shoes is only part of a solution.

To get the best out of your shoes you need to build fit feet. That are flexible, mobile and strong enough to support your body as they were intended.

Prevent injury across the whole body

Your body is not separate parts – everything is connected. So how your feet function will have a huge influence on the rest of your body. 

A recent study that followed a group of runners for a year demonstrated that following an 8 week foot strengthening program resulted in…

 2 and a half times LESS INJURY across the whole body.

You don’t have to be a runner to benefit from stronger feet.
Fit feet can help everyone reduce aches, pains and injury across the whole body.

It all starts with your fit foot MOT

Our transformative foot fit MOT goes beyond the surface to uncover the root causes of your foot issues.  

We are dedicated to understanding your unique biomechanics, gait and foot structure to get you back on your feet.

Book here

After you book….

You will receive a quick call, to say hi and to get some background information.  Then we will send you an email with everything you need to attend your appointment.

“I was amazed at how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands – Julie really know what she is doing”

Rick, Ramsbottom- Developer

Foot fit plan - how it work

Imagine a life without constant foot pain, where you can comfortably walk, run and engage in the activities you love.

Take back control of how your feet feel and function

Identify root cause

Don't just accept a diagnosis. Understand root cause. Book your MOT today.

Learn to fix yourself

Get a bespoke plan, just for you and coached sessions to maximise progress.

Reclaim your active lifestyle

Without the fear of pain holding you back

What's included?

Foot fitness plan

Flexible packages. Take over 3 to 12 months, pay monthly

3 months

6 months

VIP 12 months

"After years of wearing orthotics I had more foot problems than ever. My toes were crushed and my feet painful. I could walk but only for shorter periods before the pain would be too much.  I have been working with Phil for a number of months and the improvement is staggering.

I still have work to do - after years of misuse it will take time.  But I highly recommend this to anyone."

Maxine, Staley Bridge

Want to find out how to start taking action to fix your feet?

Come along to our 2 hour workshop, start your journey

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