Discover why you have pain or limitation

Comprehensive Assessments for Active people who value longevity

Uncover imbalances

Identify compensations

Find the cause of pain

Are persistent aches, pains, or niggles hindering your active lifestyle?


Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a new era of understanding your body’s needs.

Our cutting-edge assessments are tailored for individuals over 40, who understand longevity for life and sport requires a different approach to performance at any cost.

Why have a full body MOT?

Knowledge is power

Break free from addressing symptoms and dive into the root cause.

If you’ve tried everything to fix pain or injury, are stuck firefighting one issue after another, or only have a diagnosis without understanding the cause – our Full Body MOT is your solution.

You can't be at your best living & training with niggles or pain.

“I was amazed at how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands – Julie really know what she is doing”

Rick, Ramsbottom

"Julie has helped me with with shoulder & lower back issues in 121 sessions. She provided a LOT more hands on and investigation than the NHS. I can highly recommend Julie"

Christine, Ramsbottom

How it works - 3 steps

You can't fix a problem if you don't know the cause



Discover the multitude of ways we can measure and assess you. Trust that you are in capable hands..



We delve into your data, videos, and photos to craft your personalized plan – data you won't get from any device.



Finally, understand what's happening with your body through clear photos and video stills..

Fix the cause or face more problems

Understand pain is a warning light – not a normal part of an active lifestyle.

Most approaches focus on symptoms. Tape, insoles, massage, ultra sound, injections, are only working on symptoms. Even most surgery.

Our full body MOT is different as it targets the cause.

Get proactive – you will even find the red flags you can fix before they result in pain.


Julie Tod of Your Peak Potential performing a consultation on a client

Modern living challenges

Modern living has lots of perks but it’s leading to new problems. Adaptations to our modern lifestyle are affecting your movement efficiency. Leading to discomfort, niggles, pain and injuries imbalances and compensation patterns are rife.

Ignoring them is one stratgey. But it isn’t the smartest.

If you want to be the best you can for the long term, then you need this data. 


"An injury in 1 place leads to problems elsewhere. In over 70% of cases a lower back injury will lead to an upper back injury within 5 years." Paul Chek

"I am in such a better place than I was 9 months ago. I was at a wedding at the weekend and loved dancing at the reception, I even played golf twice. I could feel how my body has changed, feeling more supple and stronger core. I am confident this approach will set me up for remaining active as I get older."

Paul, Bury

"Everything I have learnt has been a revelation.  Although I am still a little concious of my injury, I am now hiking and running without any pain.  Learning to listen to my body means I can correct things before they become an issue"

Olly, Ramsbottom

Which MOT is best for you?

Full body MOT - intro offer £90

Full price £150

Book now and unravel the cause of pain, limitations and future-proof your performance

Come on in, have a nice cup of Mission tea and relax. 

You will be guided through the process and can ask as many questions as you like.


Run/Walk MOT - £99

Or just £49 with a full body MOT Use code GAIT50

Ideal for runners or hikers, this is a great add on to a full body MOT.

A treadmill changes your gait.

Full body, outdoor, slo-mo video will reveal where your gait has become compensated.  and how to enhance your efficiency.

Running alone can’t fix your body. Understand how to prevent pain and perform at your best.


Fit feet MOT - intro offer £49

LImited time offer - full price £99

If you have foot, ankle or knee issues then getting fit feet is going to be crucial to your recovery.

Explore the impact of your feet on your entire body’s movement.  33 joints, 26 bones and 200,000 nerve endings. If you think trainers are technical they have nothing on your feet.


"Pain is a very effective strategy for your body to motivate change" Dr Perry Nicholston

Why choose us?

Julie Tod & Phil Young of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Hi I'm Julie, I know how it feels to be in pain

I was fit & active, even teaching yoga but had painful injury after painful injury!

Doctors said it was “wear & tear”. Their solution – take pain killers. I had all the hands on treatments & it helped symptoms. But it didn’t fix the cause.

A painful neck and shoulder injury was the best thing to happen to me!        

I couldn’t carry on that way so I learnt how to take back control of my own recovery. I have spent 15 years learning about health, body mechanics and injury prevention.

I am 49 now. I feel better now than I did at 35! 

I can show  you how you can get here too.

Ready to Uncover the Hidden Causes Holding You Back?

Choose the MOT or combination that suits you, pick a convenient date and time, pay securely online, and we’ll call you to confirm details before your appointment.

Book Your MOT Today and Embrace a Pain-Free, Active Future!

“I was amazed at how thorough the MOT was. Every possible measurement was taken to find any misalignments in my body. I definitely felt in safe hands – Julie really know what she is doing”

Rick, Ramsbottom

"I've had family members encourage me to give up and accept that I'll always have a bad back and be in pain.  I'm so glad I didn't listen and kept on  with the daily exercises.  I feel much better than I have in a long time, less pain and much stronger.  I know there'll be a point in the not too distant future when my back pain will be a distant memory."

Anne, Bury

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