Pain is common, but not normal.

Learn how to fix & prevent pain & injury. Achieve bigger goals with a proven, athlete specific, corrective exercise process.

Free your peak potential, thrive in your active life

Move better

Recover stronger

Live more

What's holding you back?

Pain is common, but it’s not normal. If you’re over 40, 50, or 60, and experiencing injuries, aches, or performance challenges, it’s time to break free from the cycle and discover a life without limitations.

Welcome to our corrective exercise solutions tailored for active individuals like you.

If you don't fix the root cause of the problem, you will forever be firefighting pain. Our solution empowers you to take control.

“I’ve seen such an improvement that I am thrilled that I have returned to running.  I even completed a sprint triathlon for the first time in 6 years.”

Alasdair, Ramsbottom

"I don't hurt anymore.  I'm definitely approaching my daily routine with a new vigour and sense of calm,  The impact on my whole wellbeing is incredible"

Olly, Ramsbottom

How it works


Find out why you are in pain

A diagnosis won't cut it. Our unique MOTs uncover the hidden causes, providing a roadmap for your bespoke plan...


Fix the root cause of your problem

1-on-1, in-person coaching sessions guide you through long-term solutions, not just symptom management


Feel the difference

Feel better everyday. Feel more capable, confident and in control of your body everyday.

"I was ready to burn my running shoes and give up due to ongoing pain and injury. But now my plantar fasciitis is completely gone.  No more foot pain or back pain. And I am closing in on my half marathon goal. I use everything you taught me and it pays off"

Steve, Tottington

You are the first person I have met (and I have met a LOT Of healthcare practitioners, yoga teachers, holistic therapists in the last few years) who has understood where I am at and what the real issues are and for that I will always be grateful.

Sarah, Ramsbottom

If you are training with regular niggles, aches and pains you cannot perform at your most efficient, or your best.

Who we work with

Stubborn, ongoing injury or
Multiple aches and pains? Not able to exercise or train?

Runners, age group athletes, weekend warriors.
Struggling to achieve goals? Niggles stacking up?

Painful feet or ankles? Treatments not getting results?

Cyclists, mountain bikers.
Think aches & painsare normal?
Firefighting 1 thing after another?

When you learn to FIX the root cause of pain, you take more control over what happens in your body.
You can reduce, reverse & prevent wear, tear, pain & injuries.

Take more control over your body
Start today - Book your MOT

Everything starts with your MOT

Uncover the hidden causes of your pain and limitations through our Full Body MOT, utilizing 60 unique assessments to create your personalized plan.

Full body MOT

90 minutes - 60 assessments
Detailed results analysis
60 minutes Post MOT consultation

Only £90

Limited time offer  – Full price £150

After you book….

You will receive a quick call, to say hi and to get some background information.  It’s a chance to ask us any questions you may have. 

Recover stronger, live more

Hi there, We're Phil & Julie

We know just how frustrating it is to feel that your body is working against you. We’ve both been there.  

That’s why we spent years researching and working with cutting edge health organisations to learn how to fix ourselves. 

Now we want to help you do the same.

Learn the skills you need to fix, reduce & prevent niggles, pain or injury.

When you work with us you benefit from our extensive experience working with clients with unique challenges and goals.  

Julie Tod & Phil Young of Your Peak Potential smiling at camera

Recover stronger, live more

"We've become accepting of what we see as the aches and pains of aging, but it doesn't have to be that way. I'm so glad I didn't listen and persevered with the daily exercises.  I feel much better than I have in a long time. Less pain and much stronger"

Anne, Bury

"It's given me the confidence to get back running which i didn't think I would do again. It's been liberating! Through this process I will end up better than before the pain started. So in a way it was a bit of a wakeup call and will set me up for the future.

Pam, St Helens

Move better

Recover stronger

Live more

Benefit from all these leading approaches in a solution tailored exactly for you.

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What do our clients say

"Julie has in my opinion a unique approach to yoga in that her knowledge,explanation of movement and passion are the best I have seen.
Each pose, posture and breath work are broken down carefully and controlled so benefits are ultimately achieved.Her classes are always different and varied.
Julie has also helped me with issues I have with my shoulder and lower back as I suffer pain & discomfort by providing me with 121 sessions (a lot more hands on & investigation than NHS).
I can highly recommend Julie Tod."

Christine, Summerseat

Christine, Summerseat

After almost giving up running due to onoing pain and injury, my plantar fasciitis is completely gone. No foot pain or back pain and I am closing in on my half marathon goal.

I use everything you taught me and it pays off!



If you are looking at improving your running technique and remaining injury free, this is a great investment.  Julie and Phil are both passionate about running.  The sessions are easy to follow, they keep things interesting and are individualised to meet your own goals and requirements. 

From individual stretching programs to running form and breath-work, it’s all structured so you can get the most out of your time out on the trail (or road).  Having completed level 1 and now coming to the end of level 2 rebuild to run course my running has greatly improved.  I no longer hell strike, my form is more consistent and I have learned to consciously relax my body whilst running. 

It’s not a magic formula but if you are willing to take on board new ideas and put in the work, I believe you too could have outstanding results.



As I was approaching my 60s I have really enjoyed getting into doing triathlons... but then I started with pain in my hip.   I saw a physio, osteopath, had an X-ray and evan an orthopaedic surgeon.  The view was that it was an overuse strain, but it would not go away. 


You’re the first person I’ve met (and I have met A LOT of healthcare practitioners, holistic therapists, yoga teachers etc. in the last few years!) who has understood where I’m at and what the real issues are so for that I will always be grateful. 
I have already recommended you to other people in a similar place. I felt pretty bleak when I look back where I was but this has definitely helped me feel positive about the future in terms of what I can achieve. 

Sarah Morton

Sarah Morton

I believe the Oxygen Advantage really did help deal with altitude better on my trek to Everest base camp.  As we ascended both Chris and I could feel the lack of oxygen but using the nasal breathing techniques you taught us, we seemed to adjust faster than the rest of the group.

There were also several members suffering with symptoms of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) we didn’t have any problems. I was also very surprised that my SPO2 levels, as mine barely dropped below 90.  The other benefit now I am back home , I  sleeping like a baby and no longer snoring!"

Chris Chadwick

Dave McBride

I want to say a massive thanks to Phil for all his efforts to get me and Dave ready for our trek to Everst Base Camp.  It really helped me mentally prepare for the trip knowing I had these Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques up my sleeve to deal with the altitude.

I would say to anyone looking to get those extra gains that this technique really helps open up your airwaves and get more oxygen into your system. This in turn helps you go for longer, recover quicker and push yourselves that extra level.

Chris Chadwick

Chris Chadwick

Julie supported me through my cancer treatment and after an operation on my neck. She was kind, considerate and creative in her yoga exercises to aid my recovery. She was flexible with the sessions depending on my fatigue and health needs.  Julie has taught me some invaluable stretches and exercises to restore my muscles and body after such trauma. I am delighted to say i now have full use of my arm and shoulder. I still regularly practise everything she taught me. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Sarah Goodall

Sarah Goodall

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