3 reasons why CHEK corrective exercise can fix your injury

Have you been putting up with a painful injury for quite some time now?

Trying various treatments but not getting the resolution that you so want?

Or getting 1 niggling injury after another. Plantar, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, hip pain? Stuck in a cycle of rest – feel better – another injury!

So many of my clients find me after months of suffering and failed treatments.  They can be anwhere from 35 to 75 but they are not ready to give up!

I don’t mind telling you that they are often jaded, fed up and sceptical when i say I can help.  Especially as I seem to say the opposite of what healthcare providers say….

  • Nobody else can address the root cuase of your issues except you
  • Nobody can care about your body or understand it more than you
  • There is no quick fix.
There is no single event that caused your pain.  Insatead it is from years of micro-trauma, sports injuries, poor posture, poor exercise technique…. There may be 1 thing that happened to triger the pain, but it was the straw that broke the camels back.

But you can get better. You just need to be shown the way.

To have the knowledge and skills so you can make graudual progress.

1% better everyday is 37 x better in a year.

Find out why CHEK corrective exercise can fix your injury
(where other treatmets have failed)

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