Make running easier
with 121 run skills coaching.

Achieve your goals, have bigger adventures

Want to be a better runner?
Run further, conquer hills & have bigger adventures?

Whether you are a just starting out or you have running for some time it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Struggling to get where you want to go. Finding it harder than it needs to be. Feeling not good enough.

What’s holding you back?


Do you want to love running? 

There are lots of simple things that can make running feel easier. In any other sport or activity, if you were struggling you would get find some help. Get some lessons, learn the skills…. Why not for running?


Don't make running harder than it needs to be. Get the skills you need to make it easy.

3 steps to make running easier

Gait MOT

Book an outdoor gait analysis session. Discover the quick wins to make running easier.

121 run coaching

Get all the essential skills, tips and tricks to make a real difference. Learn simple ways to make them stick.

Running is easier

More comfort, more confidence, more capable. Now for bigger adventures

Book your gait analysis today

60 minute in person, outdoor session (near to BL7 9BQ)


  • Warm up
  • Video analysis – front back side views
  • 30 mins taster session
  • Full analysis (1-2 hours)
  • Post session consultation (30 mins)

What will you do when running is easier?

Enjoy the freedom of heading out on trails, in the hills. Explore quiet paths and beautiful moors, see amazing hill views, find waterfalls and secret dipping spots.

Or feel amazing when you achieve a goal you didn’t think was possible. Whether it’s your first 5K trail run, running in the lake district or finishing that 30 mile trail race.

We can help you:

Your experts in all things movement and mechanics

Hi I'm Phil. I thought no pain no gain was the only way to be your best as an athlete...

I was athletic and competitive from a young age.  Ice hockey, rugby,bouldering, running.  I pushed my body to it’s limits.

When I found chi running it opened my eyes to a different way. I was able to get the best out of my body without breaking it down.

I have always been a professional coach, so it made sense to qualify as a chi running instructor. Adding Oxygen Advantage sports breathing then studying the mechanics of gait from the feet up with world leading experts.

I will help you find your natural running ability. I will show you how to use the power in your feet to free your whole body.


Hi, I'm Julie. 7 years ago I struggled to run a half marathon on flat roads....

Now I lregularly run 20 miles in the hills at the weekend.  

I spent years working with world leading teachers. Turning what I thought I knew about fitness, health, movement upside down & on it’s head.

I learnt how to work with my body – not against it.  Unlocking the power that was locked up inside.

Feeling that change – I knew I could do more. Without breaking my body.

I can help you do the same. And you won’t need to take years!


"If you are looking at improving your running technique and remaining injury free, this is a great investment.

I no longer heel strike, my form is more consistent and I have learned to consciously relax my body whilst running. 
It’s not a magic formula but if you are willing to take on board new ideas and put in the work, I believe you too could have outstanding results.”

Les, Glossop

Outdoor full body video gait analysis

Video analysis is a powerful tool so you can quickly see where you are strong and what has been holding you back. 

You don’t run on treadmills for your adventures so we don’t analyse you on one.   It’s not about judging you, seeing how you run today just helps to find the quick wins we can help you with. So you feel the benefit as quick as possible.

Steve was ready to burn his trainers and give up!

“Everything hurt, feet, ankles, back, knee… I was ready to burn my running shoes and give up. But luckily I found this program with Phil and Julie. I am now running 15 miles a week – pain free, injury free and I am working towards a half marathon. That did not seem possible before”  

Steve, Tottington

Regular niggles or injuries holding you back?

There is nothing worse than forced time off or running with pain.

Ignoring it is definitely not the best solution. Your body is telling you there is a problem.  Relying on hands on treatments is not edaling with the root cause.

The great news is you are the best person to fix it. You just need to know how.  We can help you:

Ready to make running easier?

Your gait analysis is the first step. Your 60 minute session is £65 and includes video analysis as well as your first taster coaching session. After your session we will set up a call to go through the video stills and how coaching might work for you and your goals. 

Let’s see where we can get those quick wins. 

Single sessions or discounted packs to help with:


Build your skills - get the quick wins under your belt to make running easier.

Hills & trails

Tips, techniques and tricks to make hills easier. Be confident on more tricky ground,

Challenge plan

Bespoke support for your bigger challenges and adventures.

Come running with us

Want to join us for a social run? We meet most Saturday mornings for a trail run around the local area. Occassionally for a night trail run with head torches.

Just a fun, friendly, leisurely run with a group of like minded people.

We are planning some away days and challenges for later this year. Sign up for emails for the latest news.

Your Peak Potential Chi Workshop with group walking and smiling at camera

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