Secret success strategy #2 Core values

Secret Success Strategy #2 – Uncovering your core values.

In secret success strategy #1 we looked at

  • What is your goal or resolution and what is your WHY?  What is your connection to that goal?
  • How do your goals relate to a wider vision or dream or fears?
  • What are the impacts of achieving or missing the goal?
  • How important is your goal? Is it the right one for you

We also looked at decisions – what an OPTIMAL decision is and also SUB OPTIMAL .

Lastly we looked at writing down your goals, vision and fears or creating a vision board.

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Let’s talk core values

Do you have clarity around what your core values are? If not you are not alone.

Think of your core values as the foundations to your choices and life.  When we are clear on our values, we are more likely to  make optimal decisions.  Your ability to achieve your goals /vision is directly related to whether you make decisions that align with your core values.

When our lives are guided by our core values we feel happy, fulfilled and a deep sense of connection to yourself and others. If your actions are in conflict with them you will likely feel tension, guilt, shame, dissatisfaction even depression.

Binning the Booze

I re-visited this exercise 2 years ago when I wanted to stop drinking.  Now a glass of wine every now and then may not be a problem but for me personally,  it was not moving me towards my vision.

But I found it hard.  I was using a glass of red to deal with stress in my day job. Gaining clarity on my core values, and the values of a successful health coach helped me stop reaching for a glass of red and use the tools I know to manage my stress. This has been instrumental in me developing the business further but also as a side achievement was key to me completing my first ultra last year.

5 steps to identify your core values

Step 1

Take a look at the list of possible values and tick any that feel important to you, go with your instinct you can refine the list later. There may be others that are not on this list that you want to add. Don’t add ones that you think you should have or want to have, just ones that feel important or true to you.

Step 2

Think about people or situations that annoy, offend or anger you.  Think about co-workers, movie or tv stars, news stories, public figures or even family.  Situations might be things that happen when you are driving or waiting in a queue.  Think about which of your core values was compromised in this situation.  Make a note of these.

Often things that we find annoying will highlight the values we are most likely to violate ourselves.  Consider your own actions here and how things you do may compromise your values.

Step 3

Consider people you admire (dead / alive/ famous or those you know) and what values you admire in them. Write those down.

Step 4

Refine your original list in the light of the information you have gathered. Maybe pick 10 key ones – you may have others, but these are the most important for now.

Step 5

Consider how these relate to your vision and goal, how you have compromised on these and how that has moved you away from your goal. Consider how working with your values can help you shape your decisions.

Vision board and mantra

Remember that visual representation of your vision and goals? Whether a collage of images or simply writing them down. Add your key values into this. Keep it somewhere you will see it everyday. Use it to reflect and review after good days and after those that don’t go so well.

Saying your vision and goal out loud and to yourself daily will help create momentum.  I will show you how to create a compelling version next week.

This is really important for working with these tools in the mid and long term to create consistency.  Edgar Dale’s cone of learning states after 2 weeks we remember only 10% of what we read but 70% of what we SAY and WRITE.

We will explore more detail on goal setting and more tactics to help integrate your values into day to day life.  e will also look at  how to enjoy the process as much as the achievement of your goal.

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