Half-marathon success for Les after rebuild to run course

Frustrating runners knee was holding Les back

Les was suffering with knee pain when he ran, so he did some research and found ChiRunning.  He tried to implement the techniques in the book but knew he needed some help.  He joined our phase 1 Rebuild to Run course and started stretching on a daily basis, he even bought one of our balance bars.  The balance bars are just one tool we use to help train the signals from the nervous system to the muscles. 

Half-marathon success

Shortly after the phase 1 course, he ran a 10k trail race – his first race in 30 years! And he did so minus the knee pain. He is working with us on the Phase 2 course currently (April 2022), building on what he learnt in phase 1.  Phase 2 is about  neuro-muscular integration work to build better stability in movement.  Les just completed a trail half marathon in 2 hours 6 minutes and was 4th in his age group.  Better still he ran the race maintaining his heart rate in zone 2/3 feeling relaxed and finished feeling great.  Not like he had punished himself.

Les says:

“If you are looking at improving your running technique and remaining injury free, this is a great investment.  Julie and Phil are both passionate about running.  The sessions are easy to follow, they keep things interesting and are individualised to meet your own goals and requirements.  From individual stretching programs to running form and breath-work, it’s all structured so you can get the most out of your time out on the trail (or road).  Having completed level 1 and now coming to the end of level 2 rebuild to run course my running has greatly improved.  I no longer hell strike, my form is more consistent and i have learned to consciously relax my body whilst running.  It’s not a magic formula but if you are willing to take on board new ideas and put in the work, I believe you too could have outstanding results.”

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