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You strive to be the best you can be, whether competing with others or yourself.

Breathwork is the missing key to your best ever performance

Oxygen Advantage® is a scientific breathing method, tried, tested and trusted by top athletes. But wherever you are in your sporting journey, you will find tools to boost speed, endurance, and fitness, and give you the best aerobic and anaerobic capacity of your life.

Train harder by delaying fatigue and lactic acid buildup. Improve your stamina by strengthening your breathing muscles. Breathe efficiently for optimal oxygenation. Boost your repeated sprint ability so you can excel in team sports like soccer and rugby. Learn how to breathe for running, martial arts, yoga, swimming & cycling.

Be the best you can be with Oxygen Advantage

Enhance performance safely & legally by boosting oxygen delivery and increasing natural EPO

Push past your personal best as you tap into your natural efficiency

Improve repeated sprint ability to boost speed

Open your airways and breathe easier even when training hard

Delay lactic acid and fatigue, recover quicker

Oxygen Advantage training has had a huge positive impact in many aspects of my life. My running and cycling has significantly improved, finding myself with more energy and not gasping for breath powering up hills. In addition, the breathing techniques have enabled me to recharge myself, improving mental clarity, reduce stress and get better sleep. Julie is a fantastic coach, who refines your training plan for your unique requirements. Just do it.

Steve Vale- Developer

It isn't your fitness holding you back so what is?

When it comes to sporting performance and exercise capacity, the thing that limits you isn’t your fitness.

It’s actually your tolerance to breathlessness. The point at which you gas out.

Your body needs oxygen to survive. Which is why, when your breathing muscles get tired, the body “steals” blood from your legs to keep you breathing.

It’s why your legs get heavy, forcing you to slow down and stop before the finish line. And it’s why, when your breathing is out of balance, it’s hard to exercise at all.

To optimize your sporting performance, enjoy exercise more, or to gain a competitive edge in terms of speed, strength and stamina, you have to change the way you breathe.

Oxygen Advantage is science backed method for body, mind and sport performance.

5 Breathing myths

Breathing. We all do it. And it’s challenging to consider you might be doing it wrong. But when it comes to health and performance, many of us believe things about the breath that simply aren’t true.

These Breathing Myths sabotage your ability to train and perform, and they can keep you in a stress-state that impacts mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about breathing…

If you believe any of these statements, Oxygen Advantage will help you achieve significant performance gains.

I would say to anyone looking to get those extra gains that this technique really helps open up your airways and get more oxygen into your system. This in turn helps you go for longer, recover quicker and push yourselves that extra level.  I feel I can go for longer on foot and bike and even feel an increase in power for uphills.

Chris Chadwick- Developer

Hi There! We're Phil & Julie

This is why we can help.

As Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructors we have seen the magic of these techniques on oursleves and with our clients for many years.  Whether to achieve a specific goal, boost overall performance or overcome real challenge. 

Battling your body or working in harmony with it?​

We have both had specific challenges with breathing.  Phil was able to overcome exercise induced asthma which was limiting his performance running in the hills.  For me, a long journey with anxiety left me with  dysfunctional breathing habits on a daily basis.  When I was attempting to start running again after injury, I was so breathless I thought running perhaps running wasn’t for me.  Never one to give up,  I found Oxygen Advantage.  What a difference this made.  I started walking, and I was far less breathless, even up hills my breath was calm and easy.  Overtime I was able to nose breathe running and it totaly changed how I felt and how far I could go.  I even achieved my first ultra marathon!

Not only that, I slept better and felt calmer all day. I even used breathwork to help with menopausal hot flushes.  Changing how I breathed was a critical part of imporving my overall movement biomechanics. 

We integrate this breathing method into all our coaching programs as an essential part of healing and optimising our clients for all they want to achieve.

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How it all works

A little bit of the science

Why do you need to take a breath?

The common answer to this is “because I need more oxygen”.  But in fact this is incorrect.  It is the build up of CO2 in the blood and our need to get rid of this that leads us to take a breath in. 

Your tolerance for CO2 is a major factor in the frequency of your breath.  Over breathing is one of the most common forms of dysfunction.  This leads to shallow breathing into the chest which impacts the efficiency of your circulation which in turn will have an effect on everything in your body, your organs, muscles,processes.  And of course your breathlessness when you exercise.

Improving your ability to tolerate CO2 will reduce breathlessness, and improve the effiiency of how you breathe.  A higher level of CO2 in the blood means the blood will circulate oxygen more freely around the body for the production of energy.  This is known as the Bohr effect. 

Normal breathing mechanics play a key role in posture and spinal stabilization. Breathing Pattern Disorders (BPD) have been shown to contribute to pain and motor control deficits, which can result in dysfunctional movement patterns.

The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy- Developer

Why nose breathe?

Through a series of progressive exercises you will improve your ability to breathe through your nose more of the time. One of the key reasons for this is a gas called Nitric Oxide. Through breath pauses and holds your body will allow this natural gas to pool in the nasal cavity in the face.  

This amazing gas will help you breathe easier, unblocking your nose. When you breathe in with your nose you will circulate it further around the body opening up all airways and increase oxygen delivery all around the body. 

Nitric oxide was the subject of Nobel Prize winning research in 1998 about all the wide ranging benefits of this miracle molecule.

The high-altitude effect

With regular practice of high altitude simulating breathing exercises or with a specifically designed sports mask you will adapt in a number of ways.  It will increase the amount of oxygen the blood can carry around the body, reduce lactic acid and delay the onset of fatigue.  

This isn’t new science,  swimmers have incorporated this type of training since the 70s and Emil Zatopek, one of the greatest distance runners ever incorporated breath holding into his training.  

If you are a fan of cycling its probable you have heard of EPO.  Illegal synthetic EPO was used in competitive cycling in events like the Tour de France.  Oxygen Advanatge breathing exercises will encourage your body to safely tap into its own natural production of EPO to boost performance.

In a study of triathles, including national, regional and recreational athletes, swimmers who utilised breath holds after exhalation imporved swim sprint times.  Improvements were 3.7 seconds in 100m, 6.9 seconds over 200m and 13.6 seconds in 400m.  Swimmers also showed increased lactate max and increased rate of anaerobic glycolisis which is the production of energy in the absence of oxygen.

Wooton et al 2016- Developer

Elite male swimmers took part oin an 8 week training program, for 30-45 inutes 3 times a week using breath hold techniques. The control group performed additional aerobic training on a treadmill instead. The study showed a 10.79 percent increase in VO2 max. VO2 max is imporved with an increase in haemoglobin.  every 1% in Hb after altitude training eventually results in 0.6/7% increase in VO2 max. 

Bakovic et all / ZoreticD- Developer

Our Step by step process


We don't guess, through questionnaires and specific breathing assessments we identify how functional and efficient your breathing is today. You may nont realise that certain symptoms can be affected by your breath.


We use your results to design your bespoke program. Everything is tailored to your unique start point and your goals.. Generic training programs cannot resolve individual issues.


First you will build solid foundations by restoring efficient breathing mechanics and biochemistry. You will imporve the quality of your day to day breath and see how this reduces specific symptoms.

Skill up

Pillar 2 is specific exercises to boost sports performance. These include more intense breathholds and simulating high altitude training.
Increasing mental focus will influence your success too.


Add another dimension to your other workouts by introducing breathwork. During cross training movements and as part of recovery , breathing is a critical element of all exercise.


The whole process will unlock your peak potential. Our phased approach layers up skills and uses proven methodology so you continue to progress without risk of crash and burn. It's not a destination it's all about the continuing journey.

On my runs, I noticed that compared to breathing with my mouth, I did not get dry mouth, I did not feel dehydrated and had less need to take on water.  Day to day my nose is opening up more and breathing is a lot clearer. I have noticed I am sleeping better and have more energy in the morning.

Chris Chadwick- Developer

Using these while doing weights, push ups, press ups really adds an extra level to your training. I can now go for a run at a fast pace and maintain nose breathing without any issues.

Dave McBride- Developer

Increase the bodies natural production of nitric oxide

As we age our ability to product powerful Nitric Oxide reduces. ProArgi-9+is a supplement which safely increases Nitric Oxide production in the body. One of the primary ingredients in this unique product is l’arginine which was researched by 3 American scientists who were awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for discovering it’s powerful health benefits.  

ProArgi9 improves circulation and protects our cardiovascular system from fat and plaque build up which has many health benefits.  There are specific benefits for athletes;

  • Reduced lactic acid build up
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Greater oxygen supply to muscles 
  • Speeds up recovery rates
  • Anti-inflammatory for joints
We recommend ProArgi-9 for with OXygen Advantage – create more nitric oxide and utilise it for maximum gains.  

In stage races ProArgi-9+ helps me maintain normal muscle function - it helps me fight tiredness and fatigue.  This is what makes the difference.

Matthias Brandle, !AM Cycling team- Developer

2 Powerful pillars

Functional breathing training - you will learn:

What it will do for you:

Simulation of altitude training

What it will do for you:

I want to say a massive thanks to Phil for all his efforts to get us ready for our trip.  It really helped me mentally prepare for my trek to Everst base camp, knowing I had techniques up my sleeve to deal with the altitude.  

Chris Chadwick- Developer

Hit your peak performance

"I know they will have put through your paces and it will be tough at times.  But one thing I can guarantee is they will make it a lot of fun. That's one of the easiest ways to learn new skills.  You are working with the best and you are in safe hands"

Gray Caws - UK Oxygen Advantage Master Instructor- Developer

Functional Breath training £200

High Altitude Simulation £200

**Functional breathing training must be completed prior high altitude  simulation 

Book both packages together & save 20% with code Oxygen20

Sound good? But want to know more

Simply fill in our contcat form and send us a message. We will get in touch to answer all yourr questions.

“I can’t speak highly enough of how hard they work & how much effort they put into to what they do. The level of detail they go into, even before I started the course, was quite an eye opener. 

Steve Rees- Developer

"Phil has been thorough, patient and enthusiastic throughout our time working together - he has highlighted some really important elements of my normal running style that are potentially hampering my performance without me even knowing, and explained how and why certain areas should be targeted through enhancement of my technique, posture and breathing."

David Ardill - Developer

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