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Alignment …..I talk about it all the time in class, we look at alignment in postures of all types and positions.

Why do I think it’s so important?

Good postural alignment means that your bones, joints, muscles and other connective tissues are all in correct relationship with each other. This minimises the strain on the body, reducing aches and pains in muscles and joints, reduces chance of injury and helps the body to work as efficiently as possible. The musculoskeletal system does not work in isolation from the rest of the body so good alignment will also have an impact on the other bodily systems like our organs.

When you leave class it’s easy to forget all about yoga and alignment until the next time.

Forget what can seem like complex cues that we go through. what can we do?

When we were young we used tricks tools and tactics to remember new things… I still remember
Never Eat Cake eat salad sandwiches and remain young (NECESSARY) so how about this one…

Let me know how you get on

Fred’s – Floor – ground body parts on floor, eg Feet – feel 4 corners on floor
Running – Rebound – feel the rebound from feet / tail to head
Had – Head – magic string from crown of head to sky
Long – Line straight line from ear, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle
Prevented – Pelvis – centred
Cramp – Core – draw in belly button, zip up


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