Toe spacer kit



Toe spacer kit – progress your toe mobility with 3 pairs and increasing firmness.

The Toe Spacer Kit comes equipped with three pairs, each with different hardness so you can carefully progress over time, and have the ability to change the hardness depending on the activity you are engaged in. Carry case also included

What will I get? 

  • 1X Toe Spacer set for initial use
  • 1X Toe Spacer set for the next stage of wearing
  • 1X Toe Spacer set for final stage of wearing
  • Carry case & instruction card (not in product photos)

Material use & hardness index:

Toe Spacer 1: Material – SEBS, Hardness – Ultra soft (Red)

Toe Spacer 2: Material – SEBS, Hardness – Medium (Purple)

Toe Spacer 3: Material – SEBS, Hardness – Hard (Black)
Carry Case: 100% recycled cotton with metal zip

Styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene, also known as SEBS is great for sensitive skin and should not cause any irritation. Please feel free to look up these materials for further information.

If you have had surgery to your feet or are unsure in any way please do get in touch. We are happy to offer advice.


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